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## -- Introducing a new way to present an old prank
-![screenshot with most of the buttons and links on the page pointing to the signature rickroll cover image on youtube](img/rickstodon.webp)
+![screenshot with most of the buttons and links on the page pointing to the signature rickroll cover image on youtube](img/rickstodon/rickstodon.webp)
See [video demo](; hosted on [](; see [Codeberg repo](
@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ server {
1. If you have set up Rickstodon with nginx, the browser may make a GET request to that reveals your intention. Like this:
-![screenshot of a GET request to in devtools](img/rickstodon-youtube-GET.webp)
+![screenshot of a GET request to in devtools](img/rickstodon/rickstodon-youtube-GET.webp)
If the user's network is slow, they may notice loading in the bottom bar in a desktop browser.