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3 daysprojects/kanvas: Add disclaimer, disable Pling linkHEADmasterFrederick Yin
4 daysAdd life_goals to random/indexFrederick Yin
4 daysrandom/life_goals: updateFrederick Yin
11 is defunct, use github repo insteadFrederick Yin
11 daysprojects/kanvas: update to 0.1.1 screenshotFrederick Yin
11 daysFix light theme CSS colorsFrederick Yin
13 daysFix linkFrederick Yin
13 daysNew post: projects/one_top_songFrederick Yin
14 daysTheme: increase line height, fix code link hover in dark modeFrederick Yin
2022-05-05projects/kanvas: Fix img src typoFrederick Yin
2022-05-05projects/kanvas: add downloads and FAQ sectionsFrederick Yin
2022-05-05projects/kanvas: add feature listFrederick Yin
2022-05-05New post: projects/kanvasFrederick Yin
2022-05-05Add opendesktop and mastodon verificationFrederick Yin
2022-05-04New post: random/smartphone_osFrederick Yin
2022-05-04gitignore wip/Frederick Yin
2022-05-03Merge about and meta, add Atom feedFrederick Yin
2022-05-03New post: random/life_goalsFrederick Yin
2022-04-20Add one tøp song to index catalogFrederick Yin
2022-04-12Add shitpost: The Egg is FlatFrederick Yin
2022-04-11Add FediringFrederick Yin is not useful anymoreFrederick Yin
2022-03-28Makefile: rsync -rv --deleteFrederick Yin
2022-03-28About Me pageFrederick Yin
2022-03-27No redundant category index in navigationFrederick Yin
2022-03-13I have completely de-Googled bongocatFrederick Yin
2022-03-13New shitpost about Pokemon SwordFrederick Yin
2022-01-13Update Bikeblinkers datestampFrederick Yin
2022-01-13.gitignore full size imagesFrederick Yin
2022-01-13New post: projects/bikeblinkersFrederick Yin
2022-01-13Add stylesheet for <video>Frederick Yin
2022-01-13Move rickstodon images to dedicated dirFrederick Yin
2022-01-09Update .gitignoreFrederick Yin
2022-01-09Update themeFrederick Yin
2022-01-09MakefileFrederick Yin
2022-01-09Remove manual navigation, change site_nameFrederick Yin
2022-01-09Meta fixesFrederick Yin
2022-01-09Remove CC0Frederick Yin
2022-01-09Update PGP keyFrederick Yin
2022-01-07Migration meta changesFrederick Yin
2022-01-07Reorganize all past blogpostsFrederick Yin
2020-07-21Update indexFrederick Yin
2020-07-21New post: How an fkfd comic is madeFrederick Yin
2020-06-05New post: Gemini TL;DRFrederick Yin
2020-05-16Realgit: Add link to TL;DRFrederick Yin
2020-05-09Waive copyrights and publish in the public domainFrederick Yin
2020-05-02Refine distinction between UI and web interfaceFrederick Yin
2020-04-27Update PGP and email in meta pageFrederick Yin
2020-04-27Update Haiku formattingFrederick Yin
2020-04-23Add .gitignore and alabaster licenseFrederick Yin