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## Download
-- [OpenDesktop Pling](
+- <del>[OpenDesktop Pling](</del> ← Pling
+ suspended my account for some reason and have yet to reply to my email
- [Direct download](
## Features
@@ -48,6 +49,15 @@ Nomenclature: an "activity" is either an announcement or an assignment.
- Click "Refresh" to, you know, refresh.
- Both lists are automatically refreshed at a configurable interval.
+## Disclaimer
+At least once, Kanvas erroneously marked an assignment "Submitted". This
+was because the assignment had its `has_submitted_submissions` set to true
+in Canvas's API response despite the fact that it had never been touched.
+I have no idea what is going on inside Canvas. Now that I've warned you,
+it is *your responsibility* to double check whether an assignment is
+actually submitted or not.
## Configuration
To use Kanvas, first you need to generate an OAuth2 token from Canvas